Monday, May 18, 2015

Hunucma - Week 11

Hello everyone!

This is my second to last letter before I'm HOME. Can't believe it. Everyone has been asking how I’m feeling- and I've just been saying "excited!" I've been enjoying the little time I have left, because it's almost gone!

This week I learned how to make horchata. A member named Mayita, who used to sell it for a living, taught us how to make it. So if I get home and can't find it anywhere, I'm prepared, haha.

Saturday and Sunday we found two really great people. Earlier in the week, we passed by a member (Tere) who was outside talking to her friend.  We took advantage of the moment, introduced ourselves, and asked if she wanted to listen. She told us she was really busy, but Saturday at 2 pm we could visit her. We showed up Saturday and she was outside washing clothes.  She said she couldn't listen to us because she had a lot to wash. To help her finish faster, so she could listen, we jumped in and started helping her wash what she had left. While we washed, we started talking and she mentioned that a lot of her family had died- parents, her husband, some of her kids. She asked us what our opinion on death was and we talked to her about the Plan of Salvation, and she was really interested. She said she worried a lot for those that died, and never accepted Christ while they were alive. She told us that she would like to know if what we were saying really was true, because it gave her hope that everything doesn't end when we die. She also told us about her situation and how she helps her daughter who lives next door. Its was her daughter's clothes we were washing, and that's the only way she has money to live, she said. From what she explained, her kids treat her really awful. She makes their food for free, and they just pass by to pick it up. They aren't good either about making sure she has money to live, because a lot of days she says she goes without. I think it meant a ton to her that we were willing to help her, because she has no one who does that for her. Unfortunately, after we finished helping her wash the clothes, we didn't have time to teach a lesson. But for next week, I should have more details!

On Sunday we had a lesson with a guy named Richard.  He was another reference from Tere and her daughter-in-law,  who lives in a house behind her.  When we showed up NO one was home, so we went a little down the street to Wendy's house (Tere's daughter) and Michelle (a guy who is living with Wendy and her family) told us that they'd left and that Richard started drinking again and was with his friends. We were super disappointed, but Michelle told us "if you want, you can teach me!" Every week we with Wendy, so we've gotten to know Michelle a little, but we've never really invited him to listen because we didn't know his situation. Apparently he's had a rough life, and that's why he's living with Wendy. He said for a long time he never wanted to listen to missionaries, even though Wendy and her mom always insisted on it. He's 29, and said he started drinking at 21 or 22 yrs because of problems in his family.  He became really addicted, until a month ago. He had an accident while driving his motorcycle drunk, and the whole time he was injured, none of his drinking buddies came to see him. He said he has had 8 other accidents like that, and really has the desire to change.  He's been sober a month now and started reading the Book of Mormon.  A year ago, he listened to the missionaries and had all the lessons.  He was one Sunday short of being able to be baptized, but he fell into his addition and never made it. He said he feels like it just wasn't his time, but this last month he's thought about it a lot and really wants it. He accepted the baptismal invitation before I could even finish the question, so Hunucma will have one baptism, for sure, in 3 weeks!

Hermana Harper
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